“Cu” is the first chapter in an epic trilogy that reimagines the legend of Cu Chulainn as Ireland’s ultimate superhero. Aimed at children 10 to 13 years old, (the coveted Tweener audience), Cu is an action packed roller coaster ride full of battle scenes that will get any Fortnite fan to sit on the edge of their gaming seat!

Barry’s Tea

We at Magpie 6 Media adore Barry’s Tea – swear by it and are devout drinkers of their lovely golden concoction. So much so that we made a video promo for them.

Burren GEO Park Logo Project

As an intro for their explainer video series, the Burren GEO Park asked that we create an animated logo using the approved design. We liked the idea that geologists were fond of digging fossils in the park. They loved it!


The Tee-Siopa logo was fun to figure out. What drew the eye was the colourful ink splotches. Having some experience in silk screening, we thought of using the ol’ squeegee to get the company name stretched across.

Lahinch Surf School

John McCarthy’s Lahinch Surf School has a wonderful retro logo that we were excited to get moving. It featured a little character on a surfboard so, naturally we wanted to get the little dude coming down the wave.

Talty’s Shop

What better way to get your day started than to watch some jive dancing breakfast treats cut the rug, double bounce walking along a deli counter, and singing a happy song! The dancing sausage roll idea came from the store’s monitors over the deli counter, showing animated Christmas ads. If Santa can pop out of a chimney, then why can’t a cuppa coffee march along to a jingle?

Burren GEO Park Explainer

This project was a series of 7 related explainer videos. The style the client chose was very interesting. They liked the use of cloth textures. The series can be viewed on the Burren GEO Park’s website: https://www.burrengeopark.ie/geopark-animations/

Blue Insurance

The Irish insurance company had been running ads on tv and print featuring a family of blue characters. The old version were stiff and needed a little, get up and go. So we redesigned them with expressive faces, and smooth, lively animation. The commercials were a success and got a lot of good reviews.

Bonobo Joe

From the creators of fantastic adventures like “The Mooneys – New Year’s Day” comes a thrilling new animated feature that will capture your heart and ignite your imagination. Get ready for the incredible journey of Bonobo Joe – Mars Calls!
Meet our charming hero, JOE, a fame-hungry bonobo chimp with an insatiable desire for eternal glory. Determined to become the “First Earthling to set foot on Mars,” Joe embarks on a mission that will forever change his life. Joined by his shy and intelligent co-pilot, BEANIE ORANGUTAN, Joe aims to surpass even the legendary Neil Armstrong in the annals of cosmic history.
Their spaceship soars towards the heavens, carrying dreams of interplanetary fame. But fate has other plans when catastrophe strikes, crash landing them in the heart of the African jungle. With Command Control losing track of their whereabouts, the search is on. (120 minutes) Rated: PG