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The Studio

Magpie 6 Media was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Clifford Parrott and Christina O’Shea. The studio is currently working on The Wee Littles; the third TV series it's created and financed. Not only do we conceive, finance, and produce our own content, we have coproduced on successful projects such as "The Travels of the Young Marco Polo," and we're no strangers to working with clients on their projects such as WB's "Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs!", and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's "Hot Streets."

The Studio's name is derived from the well-known magpie rhyme: 1 for Sorrow, 2 for Joy, 3 for a Girl, 4 for a Boy, 5 for Silver, 6  for Gold!, and 7 for a secret, never to be told.

About Me
studio principals

Christina O'Shea

Christina began her career in the Los Angeles fine arts community, and entered animation while working on shorts for Adam Sandler, Damon Wayans, and Dana Carvey. She cofounded Magpie 6 Media in 2009, producing Disney Online projects such as “Phineas & Ferb’s Music Video” and “Kick Buttowski.” She produced and worked as a creative on the Disney Junior Preschool shorts series “Duck & Walrus” “Professor Owl’s Class” and “Rhyme Time.” Christina co-created "The Wee Littles".

Clifford Parrott

Clifford began his animation career in 1999 in Los Angeles where he worked for studios such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and Revolution Studios. He produced and directed for notable clients such as Adam Sandler, Damon Wayans, Dana Carvey, and Sherwood Schwartz. Cliff cofounded Magpie 6 Media in 2009 producing, co-producing, and creating projects such as “Rocka-Bye Island” “Brewster the Rooster” "The Mooneys" "Bonobo Joe - Mars Calls" and "The Wee Littles".


2D Preschool Series – 26 x 7′                            Season 01 – In Distribution                            Season 02 – In Development

Digital Stop Motion Preschool Series 52×5′        In Preproduction

Animated Feature Film – 2D/3D – 80 min.   Rated G – In Development