Barry’s Tea

We at Magpie 6 Media adore Barry’s Tea – swear by it and are devout drinkers of their lovely golden concoction. So much so that we made a video promo for them.

Burren GEO Park Explainer

This project was a series of 7 related explainer videos. The style the client chose was very interesting. They liked the use of cloth textures. The series can be viewed on the Burren GEO Park’s website: https://www.burrengeopark.ie/geopark-animations/

Blue Insurance

The Irish insurance company had been running ads on tv and print featuring a family of blue characters. The old version were stiff and needed a little, get up and go. So we redesigned them with expressive faces, and smooth, lively animation. The commercials were a success and got a lot of good reviews.