The Travels of the Young Marco Polo
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The Travels of the Young Marco Polo
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Searching for his lost father, the young Marco Polo takes a journey from his native Venice to China with his two friends.

This 2D series chronicles Marco‘s search as he travels through fantastic settings and exotic locales. From cascading waterfalls to ornate palaces, from mighty mountains to the Wonders of the World, the trio visit an ever-changing tapestry of wondrous locations as they make their way East. Along the way they discover truths be-hind age-old legends, superstitious myths and local folklore.

About the Show

With a burning curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and a knack for stumbling into trouble, young Marco Polo sets off on a wild ad-venture through distant lands and mystical times to find his mis-sing father, who vanished while exploring the Road to the East. Accompanied by his strong, good-natured friend Luigi and the mysterious young princess, Shi La Won, the brash Marco is ready to take on the world… once he finds his missing boots that is. A roller-coaster of comedy and action, young Marco Polo follows the rollicking misadventures of the three friends on their epic journey.