• Boston, MA to Vancouver, BC
    Boston, MA to Vancouver, BC

    The mid-1990’s Clifford Parrott began as a P.A. on an animation production for a local Boston studio. It produced commercials using hand drawn animation, transferred to acetate cels by ink & paint and filmed under a rostrum camera. By 1999 in Vancouver, B.C. he got his first contract to produce the animated portion of a live action commercial for Ben Davis Clothing. By this time technology had advanced to computers for ink & paint and filming.

    The new studio needed a name and Banga U.E. Animation Studio was born. The term Banga U.E. comes from Boston slang meaning, “to take a U-Turn.” For years Cliff worked in other professions but always harboured a dream to work in animation since he was in high school. So in 1999 he decided to make U-Turn in his profession (i.e, banged a U.E.) and hence the name.

  • Los Angeles, CA
    Los Angeles, CA

    2002 to 2003 – Hollywood’s first feature film made using Macromedia’s Flash animation software, produced at Revolution Studios.

    2003 Adam Sandler’s “The Ticklish Biker”

    2004 Comedy Central’s “Kid Notorious”

    2005 Cartoon Network’s Puffy Ami Yumi

    2006 Damon Wayan’s pilot, “The Officer Buddy Cartoon”

    2007 Dana Carvey’s Comedy Short, “The Bunker”

    2008 Animated Short “Canadians For Global Warming”

  • Dublin, Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland

    DISNEY. After working for Irish studios such as Brown Bag Films and Kavaleer Studio, Clifford got an offer from Disney Online to create a series of animated preschool shorts (under 2 minutes). Over the course of a year, he and his wife Christina O’Shea ended up creating, writing, animating and producing around 80 shorts. These included several series that went on to Disney Junior: “Duck & Walrus” “Rhyme Time” and “Professor Owl’s Class”. Cliff and Christina decided to start a studio in a new name and Magpie 6 Media was founded.

    ESPN. The sports channel was promoting a competition and they brought back an old animated mascot: Slappy Boo. Magpie 6 Media did two commercial spots.

  • Phineas & Ferb
    Phineas & Ferb

    DISNEY liked the work we did on the animated preschool shorts and gave us a music video featuring the dancing Perry the Platypus.

  • Kick Buttowski
    Kick Buttowski

    DISNEY. The show’s creator and show runner Sandro Corsaro has Magpie 6 Media create animation for their online media.

  • The Travels of the Young Marco Polo
    The Travels of the Young Marco Polo

    CO-PRODUCTION. Magpie 6 Media became a co-producer in the 26 half hour episodic series, “The Travels of the Young Marco Polo.” We co-produced with Irish studio, Monster Entertainment, Canadian studio, Yowza Animation, Luxembourg studio, Melusine and German producer, Motionworks. The production schedule went from 2011 to 2012.

  • Rocka-Bye Island (Inis Spraoi)
    Rocka-Bye Island (Inis Spraoi)

    CO-PRODUCTION. After working successfully with production partner Monster Entertainment on the Travels of the Young Marco Polo, Magpie 6 Media created the concept of “Rocka-Bye Island” (known as ‘Inis Spraoi’ in Ireland). The Toon Boom Harmony animated series, the first series in Ireland to animated in the software, was 26 by 11 minute episodes. The production schedule went from 2013 to 2014.

  • Brewster the Rooster
    Brewster the Rooster

    SALTY DOG PICTURES. Brewster the Rooster began as a children’s picture book of the same name, authored and illustrated by Clifford Parrott. He teamed up with former Monster Entertainment producer and distribution executive Deirdre Barry in 2013 to form Salty Dog Pictures. The new studio was set up to bring in service work, productions and develop its own IP.

    Brewster the Rooster was its first in-house production. We produced 26 by 7 minute episodes. Monster Entertainment is the worldwide distributor. The production schedule went from 2016 to 2017.

Present Day

Magpie 6 Media is developing and producing new projects. Our slate covers not just preschool animation but live action TV series and features. We work closely with Salty Dog Pictures on common productions such as “Brewster the Rooster Season Two!” and the animated sitcom “The Mooneys.”